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  1. Part one of nine from this full length documentary.

  2. Part two of nine from this full length documentary.

  3. Part three of nine from this full length documentary.

  4. Part four of nine from this full length documentary.

  5. Part five of nine from this full length documentary.

  6. Part six of nine from this full length documentary.

  7. Part seven of nine from this full length documentary.

  8. Part eight of nine from this full length documentary.

  9. Part nine of nine from this full length documentary.

  10. Credits from this full length documentary.


This award-winning documentary is an account of the last days and sinking of the Russian cruise liner, Mikhail Lermontov. On 16 February, 1986, she ran aground on rocks in the Marlborough Sounds. Passengers were successfully evacuated, but a Russian crew member lost his life, and several were injured. Evidence is given by those who were there, with a particular emphasis on presenting the stories of the Russian crew, who were largely unavailable to the media at the time. (A minute into clip nine a young Russian agent bears a striking similarity to Vladimir Putin.)

Credits (17)

 Cheryl Cameron
 Shereen Maloney
 Gary Scott

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Comments (10)

 Jean Thorpe

Jean Thorpe

My husband and I were on the top deck with three others when the ship struck the rock-it was raining and all passengers were inside at the time.
He was asked by an official if he would return to NZ for the enquiry -but, of course in the obvious cover-up- it did not happen. I still retain newspaper coverage with my records. Yes, Putin -a member of the KGB then-is shown, in NZ at that time.



My husband Anthony and I took the Lermontov from the UK when we moved to the US. It was one of the most unforgettable adventures of my life. I still have the passenger programs they brought to us every morning and a couple things I bought in the gift shop. I remember we celebrated our wedding anniversary on our voyage. The crew baked us a special cake and serenaded us at our table. I even played my guitar in the passenger talent show ;o)

 Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith

My parents were on the ship, I had, of course, heard their account of the sinking, but this documentary really bought home to me what they had endured.
It was a great documentary

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Miles - have a look around 1.00min into clip 9 (final clip). The fellow on the right looks a lot like the Russian President ...



I have been told that there is a photo taken in NZ at the time of Russian officials who came to NZ as part of the investigations and inquiry. In this photo in the back is a young Vladamir Putin. Is that correct and where could it be viewed?

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A cruise on the Mikhall Lermontov will create memories that will last forever 


2000 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Director, Factual Programme or Documentary: Cheryl Cameron
Best Original Music: Clive Cockburn