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This motors'n'mullets doco focuses on a group of men, women and their families who are obsessed by stock car racing. Shot by Stuart Dryburgh, it follows a group of drivers and their crews as they ready for Saturday night racing in the mud at Waikaraka Park Speedway, Onehunga. Hours are spent preparing, and repairing the one-and-a-half tonne cars that can travel at speeds of up to 112 kmph in one of the few full contact motor sports. Passion, ego and native cunning fuel the drama, and injuries and personal sacrifices are the price for the part-time petrol heads. 

Credits (19)

 Chris Williams
 Chris Todd
 Chris Hampson

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 Matt Sefont

Matt Sefont

LOVE it. Brings back memories.



OMG....... sooooo long ago and sooooooo unfortunate LOL

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Yeah well you don’t have a nice home, I don’t think. Well, speaking personally, because the money goes into the car. 
The biggest downfall of the sport is the time you put into it. 
They get to the end of the car and they’ll have a look at the motor and the one hand will go up to the head like this, and then the frown comes on and one hand goes on the hip and then they all bend down over the motor. It’s usually about a 10 minute job but about a half an hour to think about it.