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Monaco Monza Macao Wellington

Television (Full Length) – 1990

“For three days, Wellington, New Zealand will become the Monte Carlo of the South Pacific”. Monaco Monza Macao Wellington follows a champion saloon car team (BMW Schnitzer M3) racing in 1989's Nissan Mobil 500 Wellington street race. From their arrival from Macao, to crashes, dramatic victory and a Coromandel wind-down, the documentary goes behind the scenes of a race team on the international circuit. Features interviews with team manager Charlie Lamm, drivers (Emanuele Pirro, Roberto Ravaglia), and a young Jude Dobson as interviewer.

It's a motor racing truism that if something is going to go wrong it'll go wrong at the worst possible time and in the worst possible place. Which explains why right outside a BMW supporters stronghold, Win Percy's [the leading Nissan driver] throttle jammed open.
– Narrator Hannah Wallis

Produced by

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Made with funding from BMW, SONY and TVNZ  

Formula One archive footage courtesy of Formula One Management


'Schnitzer' music by Wayne Laird and Billy Kristian