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Flip & Two Twisters is a Shirley Horrocks documentary about New Zealand artist Len Lye. Motion maestro Lye's international reputation rests on his work as a filmmaker and kinetic sculptor and his lively contributions to the London and New York avant-garde. The documentary explores Lye's career and ideas, with the help of historical footage and excerpts from his films. It includes footage of Lye in typically exuberant form outlining his process, introduces many of his kinetic works, and documents how some of his most ambitious plans are now being realised in NZ.


A Perspective by Mary-Jane Duffy 26.09.2008

The title of this documentary takes its name from one of Len Lye's most complex and theatrical sculptures. Its climax is the installation and performance of Flip & Two Twisters at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth. ...

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Credits (11)

 Shirley Horrocks
 Robin Laing

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Happy eleventy oneth birthday Len.


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I’m composing figures of motion - and I’m composing them out of very springy spring steel. 
Unless you can keep trying to find something that’s simply fascinating to you there’s not much point ... so wait until you’re in the mood ... and you find a piece of steel ... and you might go [rolls steel] like this with it, and roll it about ... and you gradually get the grip of an idea.