Key Cast and Crew

 Beatrice Ashton
 Costa Botes
 Peter Jackson
 Leonard Maltin
 Colin McKenzie
 Sarah McLeod
 Johnny Morris
 Sam Neill
 John O'Shea
 Thomas Robins
 Richard Shirtcliffe
 Jeffrey Thomas
 Harvey Weinstein
 Alun Bollinger
 Anna Cahill
 Ross Chambers
 Caterina De Nave
 David Donaldson
 John Girdlestone
 Mike Horton
 Charlie McClellan
 Sam Negri
 Steve Roche
 Janet Roddick
 Tania Rodger
 Sue Rogers
 Ken Saville
 Jamie Selkirk
 Richard Taylor
 Gerry Vasbenter
 Eric de Beus


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Made with funding from the New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air.


Music composed by Plan 9 (Dave Donaldson, Janet Roddick, Stephen Roche).