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Frost Over New Zealand - The Leaders Television – 1973 News/Current Affairs

Frost Over New Zealand - The Leaders

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New Zealand politics was a gentler art in the pre-Muldoon early 70s when superstar English TV interviewer David Frost made the first of two series down under. Here, he talks to Prime Minister Norman Kirk, and opposition leader Jack Marshall. Kirk is assured and statesmanlike (an act that proves hard for Marshall — or NZ politics since — to follow) as he discusses topics ranging from supporting beneficiaries, to opposing French nuclear testing. ‘Big Norm’ purposefully talks about being in the job for another 25 years. Tragically, he died in office 13 months later.

He was Everywhere and Everything and All Things to All Men on All Channels. But hold on. What was that on the shoulders of his dark slightly rumpled suit? Around the collar? It couldn’t be. But yes, it was. Dandruff.
– Joe Musaphia on Frost’s arrival (Listener, 01 October 1973 - p11)

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