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Kevan Moore

Producer, Director

Sometimes referred to as New Zealand's godfather of music television, Kevan Moore was behind some of the iconic entertainment shows of the 1960s and 70s (Let's Go, C'mon). Joining Kiwi television at its birth, Moore was also responsible for shaping early current affairs content, such as Town and Around, and devising popular astronomy show The Night Sky. Moore died on 1 January 2024, aged 86.

When I was doing C’mon, the guy who was in charge of the Broadcasting Corporation, the Director General, was Gilbert Stringer — an old radio accountant. His view of television, and he said it in fact, was that television is just … radio with pictures. That was the attitude and I had the pleasure of enshrining his remark into a television title... Kevan Moore, on creating long-running TV series Radio with Pictures, Book of BiFiM, 1987