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  1. An excerpt from the first episode of Holmes. The Dennis Conner interview.


The very first Holmes show. In this famous interview, Paul Holmes asks American yachtsman Dennis Conner to apologise for cheating in the America's Cup. Conner storms out, making headlines the next day and giving the new show a ratings boost. The NZ Herald described this interview as "an aggressive, overly-mannered encounter interview rather than a thoughtful interrogation, a ratings-generating event rather than a genuine, tenacious journalistic grilling." It was a style that made Holmes famous.

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 Paul Holmes
 Paul Cutler

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Totally unprofessional of Paul Holmes. I didn't like Dennis Connor at the time but he was totally set up. He ended up keeping his emotions in check.



a trashy journalist with a trashy show. this is tabloid tv, the only thing missing was the page 3 girl. he's never got any better.



Dennis should have publicly apologized. His behavior was an insult to the NZ racing team and the people of NZ. And the last time I saw Dennis, was at a bar, and believe me he didn't look anything like on that interview...He could barely fit on the bar stool. It's a shame, as he was a brilliant sailor, but the fame went to his head, or maybe these days to his belly...LOL

 dan scott

dan scott

cheeky yankee

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It could be fair to say that no one raises more passion in New Zealanders than an American yachtie Dennis Conner 
Paul, it's not a perfect world and we've all made some mistakes that we're not proud of and I'm no different ...