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A road movie with a heart of gold, Mark II is "the Polynesian Easy Rider". Three teens (Nicholas Rogers, Mitchell Manuel, Faifua Amiga) head south from Auckland in a two-tone Mark II Zephyr, two of them blissfully unaware they're being pursued by a van-load of vengeful thugs. Along the way, they encounter the Mongrel Mob, who turn out to be quite helpful, and experience love, prejudice and jealousy from strangers. Written by Mike Walker and Manuel, it was TVNZ's first telefeature and is the third film in a loose trilogy (following Kingi's Story and Kingpin).


Notes on Mark II by Mitchell Manuel 23.06.2010

Mark II follows the adventures of three teenage youths who go on the road and travel around the North Island in a classic Mark II Zephyr.

As John Paga put it in his Auckland Star review: "a young Māori chucks in his job ...

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Credits (18)

 John Anderson
 Dan McKirdy
 Mitchell Manuel

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 Zia Eramiha

Zia Eramiha

Hey I really like this film. I need to find a copy. Any one please let me know if you know where to get one.

 Dan McKirdy

Dan McKirdy

In your photo gallery the boy on the left of Mitch Manuel in Mark II is Kevin Tako not Junior Amiga as stated in the caption. Kevin plays "Sniffbag" in the movie.
Good on you for making Mark II available.

 Bounce Lau

Bounce Lau

Awesome old skool movie!!



I may be able to get you some copies whats your email

 Damian Peeti

Damian Peeti

Classic movies alright. How do we purchase?

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Mark II is a testament to his [director John Anderson] belief that the best television drama in New Zealand will come only from our roots, not from transplants from America, Britain or Australia. 
Mike Walker's telemovie is no Polynesian Goodbye Pork Pie. Pork Pie was a fantasy trip. This is the rollicking real thing. [...] Where I was watching, young teenagers were too absorbed in Mark II to go out and light their fireworks [Mark II screened on TV2 on 05 November]. For them all the sparks were on TV. 


1987 Gofta Awards 
Best Single Television Drama
Best Male Actor in a Television Drama (Mitchell Manuel)