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For this lush, spacious ballad, teenage director Paul Middleditch continues the striking visual style that he established a year earlier with his video for the previous Tex Pistol hit, 'The Game of Love'. Tex (Ian Morris) wears the same outfit while his brother Rikki is clad in the reverse — white shirt and black jeans. Backing vocalist Callie Blood appears again (although she didn't actually sing on this recording), a choir of children is added, along with some behind-the-scenes shots of the crew — but the set is dry sans surface water or falling rain this time.

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Comments (5)

 Nashville MISILEKI

Nashville MISILEKI

Still jamming to this..

 shane fletcher

shane fletcher

This song still after many years brings tears to my eyes still the
Most beautiful song ever hurd rick rip tex

 Scott Higham Lee

Scott Higham Lee

This was one of my favourite songs when growing up. I so wanted to be one of those kids in the choir....

 Joanna Leitch

Joanna Leitch

My absolute favourite! Gorgeous Rikki - RIP Tex! xo



Perfect pop. RIP Ian you were unique to say the least.


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 Paul Middleditch

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