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Marcus Lush goes "right up the guts" of the North Island from Wairarapa to Gisborne in this episode of his award-winning telly romance with NZ's railways. He meets railcar restorers and recounts the murders by rail porter Rowland Edwards in 1884. Particular praise is reserved for the "spectacular and beautiful" Napier to Gisborne line (now mothballed) with its viaducts at Mohaka and Kopuawhara. The latter is on the site of a flash flood that killed 21 workers in 1938 and it inspires an idiosyncratic Lush demonstration of NZ's then 10 worst disasters.


Off the Rails: A Love Story by NZ On Screen team 01.09.2008

"We started in Bluff and ended up in Opua and, in-between, we've been on coal trains, freight trains, steam trains, railcars, even a jigger or two".

This highly popular series, produced by Jam TV, has garnered awards across most production ...

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Credits (10)

 Melanie Rakena
 Jane Andrews
 Peter Allison

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 Max Power

Max Power | website

Odd thing about NZ railroads -- it's all "Cape Gauge" (1,067 mm ~ 3 ft 6 in).

Considering NZ's terrain "Indian Gauge" (66") would have worked a lot better.



This is a awesome DVDs I purchased it recently and from Australia as this is where I live now in Perth but loved the DVD would recommend too all and am trying to organise a trip back too do some of the things in this DVD great production shush there were more .....
I now feel homesick but will be back soon too experience some of the stuff covered in the dvd .... Thanks Anthony

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

Hi Coralie
Yes, the DVD is available from most retail outlets and you can also order it online from the places listed above in the tab (just to the right and below the player) that says BUY IT.



Is the dvd of Marcus Lush "Off the Rails" still available? If so how do I procure a copy.

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

I have checked with the production company and they tell me that it's a production music CD, not a commercial track, the CD is called Trip Hop Metropolis from Bad Ass Music and is not commercially available.

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Everyone says it’s one of the most scenic, most beautiful, most spectacular tracks in the New Zealand rail system. 
What I’ve found is that there’s two sorts of trail people. There’s those who are into diesel and there’re those who are into steam and I what I reckon is that I’m partial to railcars. 


2005 Qantas Television Awards
Best Information/Lifestyle Programme
Best Director - Non-Drama: Melanie Rakena

2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards
Best Presenter Entertaiment/Factual: Marcus Lush

Nominated for Best Documentary Series and Director - Factual/Entertainment