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In the first episode of this reality series, groundwork is done to allow a 21st century family to live for 10 weeks as their forbears did in 1900. The right house has been found — but the largely unmodernised Grey Lynn worker's cottage still needs an army of workers and consultants to muck in and turn it into a fully functioning home of the era. Meanwhile, the family search has produced the Feyens from Palmerston North. They appear ready for the challenge but the realities of different standards of housework, hygiene, and clothing are slowly dawning.

Credits (15)

 John Carlaw
 Miranda Grace
 Tony Barnes

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 Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose

Anyone know the address of this place?



hello, I am interested in how to get a copy of this too. any and all help appreciated!



Can i get a copy of this TV series?
Not available in the library!



Hi, I am wanting to get a copy of this program but have had no luck.
Can anyone help me?
Janice Feyen (the mum in this show) told me she was able to get a DVD of the program a while ago. So it is possible.


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I think they’ll find that life in 1900 really was a different country. 
They will smell and they will smell one another in ways they have never smelt one another before. 


2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Nominated for Best Documentary Series