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Roving reporter Simon Morris talks to music movers and shakers in this special report for TVNZ’s 80s rock show. Auckland is on the cusp of the club boom and live music is waning. A youthful club promoter Russ Le Roq (aka Russell Crowe) flies the flag for the kids, Colin Hogg is unimpressed and a fresh faced Graeme Humphreys (aka Graeme Hill) fronts the Able Tasmans. Meanwhile, local acts are in short supply in Wellington. The live scene is healthier but radio certainly isn’t. The Pelicans (with a young Nick Bollinger) and Strikemaster perform.

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 Simon Morris
 Russell Crowe
 Colin Hogg

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 Simon Spooner

Simon Spooner

I remember Russell Crowe as leather clad Russ le roq, when he ran the Venue use to travel in from Manurewa with the boys, we all knew the dreamer would never amount to anything!!

 Peter McLennan

Peter McLennan

Thanks for uploading this! Also featured, journalist Colin Hogg, promoter Doug Hood, Rick Bryant, Trevor Reekie and Nigel Russell of Car Crash Set, DJ Mark Phillips, Andy Cave, and more.


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