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Made by Roger Donaldson for TV, this classic curio chronicles the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in Aotearoa. The film interviews young people who've swapped walk shorts for wigwams, to "start again". There's rebellion against all things "straight" and rejection of the city in favour of getting back to nature. Folk songs are the soundtrack to bearded leaping hippies, outdoor bathing, "group touching", the Blerta bus, and DIY dome housing. Counter-culture aplenty is counterpointed by 1984-style scenes of masked marchers as the "silent majority".

Credits (4)

 Roger Donaldson
 Warwick Brock
 Bob Harvey

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 Helen Martin

Helen Martin

Fantastic to have the opportunity to see this film!

Produced by

  • Aardvark Films
  • Daisy Films


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