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Gliding On meets Borat, as a man pretending to be a fisherman from a fictional town heads to Wellington to find out if any government agency will take action about fish he says are dying in his river. Clad in jacket and tie and walk shorts and walk socks, he traipses the corridors of power which are artfully shot to look like a hell from which he will never escape. His attempts to find someone who can take action yield only a succession of impotent bureaucrats who participate happily but only to explain, often at length, why they can’t actually do anything.


On Making Deciding by Tony Williams 12.11.2010

Peter Fyfe played the fictitious fisherman from a fictitious town trying to find out why the fish have died in a fictitious river. Everything else that happens in this film is real. Having no idea where the idea would take us, we set out with ...

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Credits (11)

 Tony Williams
 John O'Shea
 Peter Jones

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 The Tony Williams Collection


Of all the phobias that inflict mankind, I suppose the most frustrating is the fear of making decisions. 


1973 New Zealand Feltex Awards
Best Documentary