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Hero image for Lemming Aid

Lemming Aid

Short Film (Full Length) – 1994

Parental Guidance

Grant Lahood's first short film starred a snail. For the even more widely travelled Lemming Aid, he called on a talented human cast (including Katie Wolfe, Fiona Samuel and The End of the Golden Weather's Stephen Papps) to tell a humorous culture clash tale between a Norwegian adventure tourist and Kiwi animal rights activists trying to save lemmings from their supposedly mass suicidal urges. Lofty ideals face off against human emotions in the attempts to halt the thundering rodent. The film was invited to the Cannes Film Festival, where Lahood was one of two runner-ups for Best Short Film. 

To get into Cannes was great, but then I realised that people like Clint Eastwood are on the jury. We shot Lemming Aid cheaply on a clifftop in Titahi Bay in three days of wind. I just never dreamed we’d be here with it.
– Writer/director Grant Lahood on getting Lemming Aid into the Cannes Film Festival, The Listener, 11 June 1994, page 44

Produced by

Keirfilm Productions