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Tangiwai - A Love Story Television (Trailer) – 2011 Drama Romance

Tangiwai - A Love Story

Television (Trailer) – 2011 Drama Romance

M Mature
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Xmas Eve 1953: Cricketer Bob Blair (Ryan O'Kane) is in South Africa, days away from batting for New Zealand. His fiancée Nerissa Love (The Lovely Bones' Rose McIver) is boarding an ill-fated train, that will plunge into the Whangaehu River at Tangiwai, in our worst rail disaster. The Dominion Post's Linda Burgess found this tele-movie retelling of the tragic romance "first-rate", noting "consistently excellent" performances from O'Kane, McIver, and Miranda Harcourt as Nerissa's wary mother. The finale features a miniature train built by Weta Workshop.

Young love may be hard to portray without going down the sentimental path but this drama shone with its depiction of social mores in New Zealand in the repressed and repressive 1950s, most particularly with the portrayal of Catholic girl marrying Protestant boy.
– Linda Burgess in the Dominion Post, 16 August 2008

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Available to buy on DVD from Aro Video and TVNZ.


Music composed by Peter Hobbs. 'Stealing Happiness' sung by Gin Wigmore.

Soundtrack available for free download at