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  1. Part one of two from this full length short film.

  2. Part two of two from this full length short film.

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The Italian Job meets cheap jugs and a student union gig in this early Geoff Murphy (Pork Pie, Quiet Earth, Utu) heist tale. Tank Busters' plot follows some Vic Uni students — short on exam fees and beer money — and their scheme to crack a campus safe ... the things kids got up to before internal assessment! Murphy enlisted $4000 and a bevy of mates (including Bruno on bongos) to make the film over nine months of weekends. It screened on TV on New Year’s Eve 1970; its assured pace and tyro verve in stark contrast to the stage-derived telly standards of the time.

Credits (13)

 Geoff Murphy
 Leslie Maughan

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Comments (2)

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Karen: Tank Busters is here in full. It's split into two clips and the credits. Just click play on the next clip when you're through part one.

 Karen Barris

Karen Barris

I remember seeing this when we came back from Melbourne and George joined Blerta. Where is the rest of it? It was amazing for it's day - still is.

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