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Peter Jackson’s fifth feature is a playful blend of comedy, thriller and supernatural horror and was an effective Hollywood calling card for Weta FX. Frank Bannister (Michael J Fox) resides in Fairwater, where he runs a supernatural scam. Aided by some spectral consorts, he engineers hauntings and “exorcises” the ghosts for a fee. When a genuine spook starts knocking off the locals, the FBI suspects Frank is the culprit. To clear his name, Frank must deal to the real perpetrator – none other than the Grim Reaper ...


A Perspective by Bianca Zander 22.10.2008

After the critical and art-house success of Heavenly Creatures, Peter Jackson's next feature returned to the playful mix of comedy and horror that had made ...

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Credits (41)

 Peter Jackson
 Jamie Selkirk
 Fran Walsh

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 The Peter Jackson Collection


...Jackson, at home with all kinds of excess, keeps everything spinning nicely, not even losing a step when the mood turns increasingly disturbing. 
Frenetic, gleefully demented fun...not only the most efficient scare machine since The Evil Dead, but also the most innovative and accomplished movie of the year. once deliriously loony and oddly endearing...The Frighteners pulls off the difficult trick of being funny without losing its mood of foreboding. 


1997 Internatonal Horror Guild (Critics' Award)
Nominated for Best Film

1996 Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)
Nominated for Best Film