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  1. The first of two excerpts from the second episode of series one.

  2. The second of two excerpts from the second episode of series one.

  3. The credits from the second episode of series one.


Jeremy Wells brings Kenneth Cumberland-seque authority to this 'alternative' version of New Zealand history, made by the same team that produced Eating Media Lunch. TUHONZ plumbs the TV and historical archives to poke fun at the pretence of the past (and present). This episode examines artefacts to do with sex and Aotearoa. With tongue planted in check (and elsewhere) Wells revisits everything from pole-dancing in the "hellhole of the Pacific" - colonial Russell; to randy Hutt Valley teenagers "getting laid" in the 50s.

Credits (8)

 Lee Baker
 Paul Casserly
 Claire Logan

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Jeremy Wells did a great job of presenting this historical review... err pretty shocking but hey, we are all adults here right! I remember some of my first cousins of both sexes tell us stories of their travels down South to work on the Ships. Ignorant some of us where of their non-naval seamanship occupations believed that they were 'flash, going to become rich & famous? Huh! They left young, handsome/beautiful, full of energy and came home broken, wasting away, older and pregnant. Our families supported and helped them through their ordeals of poverty starvation, abuse, loneliness, fear & disease. Those who did not return home did well & went abroad or, stayed down South to start another life; of some sort beginning with 'P' for Prostitution I believed? But not any more as some of them I last heard about were not coming home & remain my cousins forever in my heart. But hey, loved this doco. Thanks for letting me view these :)

 Caitlin Grover

Caitlin Grover

Please someone put the full episodes up, this is pure gold haha

 Venus Yerkovich

Venus Yerkovich

Jeremy Wells is a genias

 Nic Ninow

Nic Ninow

Interesting and entertaining. It would be great to have all of these posted up.


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