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Wild Man is the missing link between early 70s musical legends Blerta, and the burgeoning of Blerta trumpeter Geoff Murphy as a man whose directing talents knew few bounds. The Blerta ensemble relocated to the mud-soaked West Coast to create this tale of pioneer con men and silent movie style pratfalls. Bruno Lawrence and Ian Watkin arrange a fight - and bets - in each town they arrive in, while Bruno channels his inner wild man from under a leopard skin. Wild Man was released in cinemas alongside John Clarke and Geoff Murphy’s Dagg Day Afternoon.

Credits (27)

 Geoff Murphy
 Roy Murphy
 Bruno Lawrence

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 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Charles, NZ On Screen sourced it through the licensor (Geoff Murphy) and at the time The Film Shop (The Dub Shop) held a copy and that is why it is listed as the source. You could try contacting the Film Shop and though it isn't listed on the site, you could ask if it is possible to purchase a DVD copy of the film.

 Charles Eggen

Charles Eggen | website

Is this available for dvd purchase? If so, where please.
You imply that it is from The Film Shop, but that is not the case.

Produced by

  • Endeavour Films
  • Acme Sausage Company



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Would you get out of the way then if you’re not going to buy anything? You might be interested in a little device here I have (brandishing whip). This is a remedy for people who won’t get out of the bloody way. 
The wild man escaped just south of Christchurch. It took us three weeks to recapture him. In that time he fathered 15 children, had 27 sheep, and felled the vicar of Wakefield.