Perlina Lau began her screen career as part of the Flat3 trio. Lau and her real life flatmates JJ Fong and Ally Xue made three seasons of the webseries, inspired by their time flatting together. After wrapping up the show in 2014, the trio starred in follow-up series Friday Night Bites. Lau also spent time as a director’s assistant on 3 News, before becoming social media presenter on Paul Henry’s morning show — a role which saw her engaging with the audience online, during the show's multimedia simulcast. Lau left Paul Henry in 2016 to take on a similar role on TV3 current affairs show Story.

The three of us had started a theatre show before; we decided we wanted to do work together again, we had done comedy so we figured that was a strength of ours. We felt there wasn’t anything out there that was female-based and comedy that’s reflective of people our age. Perlina Lau, on the birth of webseries Flat3, Cake Oven website, 2015

The Project

2017 - ongoing, Segment Producer - Television


Friday Night Bites

2016 - 2018, As: Perlina, Producer - Web

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Paul Henry

2015, Social Media Presenter - Television

Simulcast on TV3, RadioLIVE and online, Paul Henry debuted in April 2015. Not to be confused with late night's The Paul Henry Show, the new three hour 'multi-platform' morning show was billed as unique, allowing "viewers/listeners to move effortlessly between their bedrooms, living rooms and cars" with uninterrupted access. Henry was supported by Hilary Barry (later Ingrid Hipkiss), Jim Kayes and a resident social media expert. By September 2016 Barry had joined rival show Breakfast. Henry himself stepped down in December, opening the slot for Duncan Garner's The AM Show in 2017.  



2015-2016, Social Media and Digital Producer - Television

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Sugar Hit

2015, As: Perlina Lau - Web

A trio of mysteriously bloody and bruised women order tea in a cafe in Auckland's St Kevin's Arcade. The sugar debate gets a K Road twist as they talk boobs, revenge porn, and wonder if the sugar bowl has drugs hidden in it (riffing off a local urban legend). A trip to the toilet before last orders sees the cafe transforming into a dance floor, providing a groovy testimonial to the imaginative powers of the sugar hit. This edition of the series of short films exploring life on K’ Rd was directed by Roseanne Liang (My Wedding and Other Secrets), and stars the actors from her web series Flat3.

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2013 - 2014, Creator , As: Perlina - Web


3 News / Newshub

2015, Director's Assistant - Television

Independent channel TV3 launched its prime time bulletin on 27 November 1989. The flagship 6pm bulletin — originally called 3 National News — was anchored by ex state TV legend Philip Sherry, with Greg Clark handling sports. Sherry was replaced by Joanna Paul, then another ex TVNZ anchor, John Hawkesby. A 1998 revamp saw Carol Hirschfeld and John Campbell take on dual anchor roles. Their move to Campbell Live in 2005 opened the doors for a decade-long run by Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts. In 2016 Mediaworks rebranded its news service — and the slot — as Newshub.