Alongside partner Shane Loader, Andrea Bosshard makes and distributes films through indie filmmaking initiative Torchlight Films. Dominion Post critic Graeme Tuckett called the pair's second feature Hook, Line and Sinker “likeable, admirable and hugely enjoyable”. Third feature The Great Maiden's Blush was released to acclaim — and awards — in 2016. 

Hook, Line and Sinker began with a character. More characters were developed with the actors. We bring them together in improvisations and the journey begins.  Bosshard on feature film Hook, Line and Sinker's genesis


2017, Co-Director, Producer - Film

This 2017 documentary is a personal portrait of Swiss-Kiwi goldsmith Kobi Bosshard. Regarded as a pioneer of contemporary New Zealand jewellery making, 78-year-old Kobi is the father of the film's co-director, Andrea Bosshard. Bosshard and Shane Loader (the duo behind award-winning movie The Great Maiden’s Blush) combine images of Kobi living and creating, with archival footage. As Kobi says, "the work we do comes out of the life we live, so we have to have a life to start with." Kobi premiered at the Wellington edition of the 2017 NZ International Film Festival.

The Great Maiden's Blush

2015, Co-Director, Co-Writer - Film

The Great Maiden's Blush hinges on two people from very different backgrounds: a girl-racer in prison for manslaughter (Hope and Wire's Miriama McDowell), who plans to adopt out her baby, and a failed classical pianist (Renee Lyons) whose own baby is due for a risky operation. Each must confront their own secrets in order to move forward. Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader's acclaimed third movie continues an interest in character-rich stories where "big themes play out in modest circumstances". It won awards for McDowell and Best Self-Funded Film at the 2017 NZ Film Awards.

Hook, Line and Sinker

2011, Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Director - Film

PJ (Rangimoana Taylor) has been driving trucks for 35 years. But one day after a medical test, he is told to get off the road. PJ’s worries over becoming instantly useless are exacerbated when his partner Ronnie and Ronnie’s ambitious sister go into business. A tale of love, family, and ordinary people struggling to process the type of news none of us ever needs to hear, Hook, Line and Sinker is the second, semi-improvised feature from longtime collaborators Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader. The Dominion Post called the result “likeable, admirable and hugely enjoyable”.

Sweet at Heart

2010, Director - Short Film


2009, Director - Short Film

Traci with an 'i'

2009, Director - Short Film

Taking the Waewae Express

2008, Writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer - Film


2007, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

Watch Your Step

2005, Director, Writer - Short Film

The Ordinary Lives of Angels

2004, Director, Writer - Short Film

The Question

2003, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Other Face of the Moon

2002, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Intruder

1999, Director, Co-Producer - Film

Backroom Troubles

1997, Co-Director, Co-Producer, Writer - Film

The Baker's Brother

1994, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Terrorist

1993, Co-Producer - Film

Walking Past Midnight

1992, Director, Writer - Short Film

Harriet's Dilemma

1989, Director, Writer, Co-Producer - Short Film

In Our Own Time: Unemployed Respond to Unemployment

1988, Co-Director, Co-Producer - Film