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Andrea Bosshard

Director, Writer


2017, Co-Director, Producer - Film

The Great Maiden's Blush

2015, Co-Director, Co-Writer - Film

Hook, Line and Sinker

2011, Co-Director, Writer, Co-Producer - Film

Sweet at Heart

2010, Director - Short Film


2009, Director - Short Film

Traci with an 'i'

2009, Director - Short Film

Taking the Waewae Express

2008, Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Writer, Producer - Film


2007, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

Watch Your Step

2005, Director, Writer - Short Film

The Ordinary Lives of Angels

2004, Director, Writer - Short Film

The Question

2003, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Other Face of the Moon

2002, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Intruder

1999, Director, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Backroom Troubles

1997, Co-Director, Writer, Super 8 Camera Operator, Research, Co-Producer, Narrator - Film

The Baker's Brother

1994, Director, Co-Writer - Short Film

The Terrorist

1993, Co-Producer - Short Film

Walking Past Midnight

1992, Director, Writer - Short Film

Harriet's Dilemma

1989, Director, Writer, Co-Producer - Short Film

In Our Own Time: Unemployed Respond to Unemployment

1988, Co-Director, Co-Producer - Film