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Craig Gainsborough


Although he trained as a geologist, Craig Gainsborough has gone on to accrue a run of producing credits— from music videos and commercials, to documentaries (include caving short Luckie Strike and films on ADHD and palliative care). His dramatic credits include 48 Hour Film Festival national runner-up Tide, Michael Duignan comedy Ten Thousand Days, and teenage farm-boy tale Thicket, which won the Wallace Friends of the Civic Award at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival. Gainsborough's work as director includes co-directing girl and dog story Stay.   

Innovation, integrity, collaboration and bravery are the core principles of Gainsborough Films. A production must push the boundaries of creativity, reflect challenging themes, be technically daunting, and be on the fence of cutting edge technology (or some combination of the above… with story and audience first of course!) Craig Gainsborough