Although he trained as a geologist, Craig Gainsborough has gone on to accrue a run of producing credits— from music videos and commercials, to documentaries (include caving short Luckie Strike and films on ADHD and palliative care). His dramatic credits include 48 Hour Film Festival national runner-up Tide, Michael Duignan comedy Ten Thousand Days, and teenage farm-boy tale Thicket, which won the Wallace Friends of the Civic Award at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival. Gainsborough's work as director includes co-directing girl and dog story Stay.   

Innovation, integrity, collaboration and bravery are the core principles of Gainsborough Films. A production must push the boundaries of creativity, reflect challenging themes, be technically daunting, and be on the fence of cutting edge technology (or some combination of the above… with story and audience first of course!) Craig Gainsborough

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The Waiting Room

2018, Producer - Short Film


2017, Producer - Short Film


2017, Co-Director, Producer - Short Film


2017, Producer - Short Film

At the heart of this short film lies an unnamed tension between a father and his son. Teenager Elliot (Tim Hamilton) lives in quiet Rakaia helping his dad John (veteran actor Peter Tait, in vintage prickly form) run the family dairy farm, but their relationship is strained, at best. When Elliot decides to skip his responsibilities and meet up with his maybe friend, maybe girlfriend Laura (Albertine Jonas), the slow-burning tension between father and son comes to a head. Thicket received The Wallace Friends of the Civic Award at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival.

Loading Docs 2017 - Luckie Strike

2017, Producer - Web

This Loading Doc short follows cavers Dave Ellacott and Mike Allen on their mission to connect Luckie Strike and Junior Mudball, two vastly different cave systems at Waitomo. Luckie Strike features extraordinary rock formations, waterfalls, and vast caverns. Junior Mudball is as its name suggests, mostly mud. The short sees them at work, galavanting through streams, abseiling down crevasses and scraping through mud — and reflecting on what they love about it. Luckie Strike was picked by National Geographic for its Short Film Showcase. A longer version is in the works.

ADHD – Just Different

2016, Producer - Television

Hook Up Girl

2016, Producer - Music video


2016, Producer - Music video


2015, Producer - Television

K' Road Stories - Put Your Hands Together, Please

2015, Producer - Web

Jane Sherning Warren’s satirical portrait of the artist as a young woman was one of a series of short films exploring life on the colourful K Road strip. Jaded Arlette (Morgan Albrecht) endures a barrage of art-speak as her posse saunters from her Artspace exhibition opening to Verona Cafe. When the ridiculous art theory of her partner leaves truth far behind, she challenges his cred, and a chase ensues. A drag queen with a pool cue comes to her rescue, and she (and the audience) get an unexpected lesson in how people's identity is a performance.

Fairy and the Fly

2013, Director, Writer - Short Film

Hope's War

2013, Producer, Editor - Short Film

Catch Me

2012, Producer - Music video

Ten Thousand Days

2012, Producer - Short Film

Everybody Knows My Name

2011, Editor - Short Film

Candles of Aotearoa

2008, Co-Director - Short Film


2008, Director, Editor - Short Film