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Harley Neville

Actor, Producer

Actor, producer and poet Harley Neville is a busy man. With frequent collaborator, director Guy Pigden, he has acted in and produced 2020 romantic feature Older, award-winning short No Caller ID, and meta zombie movie I Survived a Zombie Holocaust. In the latter Neville starred as a naive crew member, who witnesses a real life zombie invasion while making a horror film. Neville acted in three seasons of TV comedy Only in Aotearoa. In 2020 he co-produced web series Immi the Vegan, directed by Pigden, and starring musician Immi Paterson. Adapted into a feature, the rom com was picked up by Amazon; Neville plays Immi's lovelorn friend.

I wanted to quit my job to chase my filmmaking dreams, but I’d also been kicking around the idea of becoming a grown-up and buying a house ... do I invest in a house and stay in my job? Do I quit my job, chase my dreams, and sacrifice the house? ... I opted for the latter and went full-time dream chasing. Harley Neville, on pursuing a career as a filmmaker, to Sharesies, 14 January 2020