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Film (Trailer) – 2020

Writer/director Guy Pigden and actor/producer Harley Neville made their mark with award-winning 2014 horror comedy I Survived A Zombie Holocaust, which travelled widely. Feature Older was seven years in the making. It steps away from the gore to explore a will they, won't they relationship between old friends Alex (played by Pigden) and Jenny (Liesha Ward Knox, from Dear Murderer). Complicating matters is filmmaker Alex's on/off relationship with a high school crush (Penny Black's Astra McLaren). Largely crowdfunded, Older sold to Amazon Prime. Pigden also released a slightly racier New Zealand only cut.

What do you do if your dream comes true and nothing happens?
– Alex (Guy Pigden) asks the big questions

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Harley Neville

Harley Neville

Producer, As: Henry

Generic Profile image for Astra McLaren

Astra McLaren

As: Stephanie

Generic Profile image for Vedat Kiyici

Vedat Kiyici

As: Sound Mix, Producer

Generic Profile image for Adam St John

Adam St John

Producer, Cinematographer

Generic Profile image for Liesha Ward Knox

Liesha Ward Knox

As: Jenny

Profile image for Guy Pigden

Guy Pigden

Director, Writer, Producer, As: Alex

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