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Mick Rose


Mick Rose's screen career first got busy in the mid 1990s. In 1994 he won an NZ Film and Television Award for acclaimed miniseries Bread and Roses, playing Charlie, the supportive partner to real life politician Sonja Davies. He followed it with two ensemble projects: battlng a horde of lemmings in short film Lemming Aid, and playing a journalist in TV drama Cover Story. In 2012 he won an NZ Television Award for TV movie Tangiwai - A Love Story. Rose has played father to Edmund Hillary (in miniseries Hillary) and an evil sea ghost (teen series Paradise Cafe). He has also narrated documentaries (Saving FaceA Tale of Three Chimps).

Charlie's exasperated geniality, his acceptance of the role of second fiddle in their family, gives Bread and Roses a firmly comic underpinning. (Melbourne) Age reviewer Neil Jillett on Mick Roses' role as Charlie, parter to Sonja Davies, in miniseries Bread and Roses