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Mike Minogue has played a lot of policemen. Although his screen debut in 2009 movie Separation City saw him cast as a fireman, he's played cops in TV movies How To Murder Your WifeDoubt: The Scott Watson Case, and Rage — which saw him getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2012 NZ TV Awards. After a small role as a gormless police officer in hit vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows, Minogue got to reprise the role when he co-starred in spin-off series Wellington Paranormal. He is also the creator of The Watercooler, an anthology web series reenacting real life stories sent in by viewers.

Minogue and O'Leary prove to be masters of both deadpan delivery ("If we identify a UFO, does that mean it's an FO?") and physical comedy, while the situations are both saleably universal and magnificently Kiwi. As Minogue so brilliantly puts it, "I don't care if you from another planet – you come to New Zealand, you respect our rules". Stuff reviewer James Croot on Wellington Paranormal, 11 July 2018