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Rage Television (Excerpts) – 2011 Drama

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TV movie Rage recreates the 1981 Springbok tour, which saw violent clashes between protestors and police. Ryan O'Kane (Second Hand Wedding) plays the protestor whose girlfriend (Maria Walker) is actually an undercover cop who has infiltrated the anti-tour movement. The script was written by Tom Scott — who protested, in-between writing a humour column in The Listener — and his brother-in-law Grant O'Fee, who was a detective sergeant in Wellington. Rage was nominated for five NZ TV Awards, including Best One-Off Drama, Director (Danny Mulheron) and Actor (O'Kane).

[Director Danny Mulheron] has no equal, in my view, in generating both energy and a sense of security on set, allowing even the most fearful of actors to deliver extraordinarily brave performances. Of course, I was never very far away, at the craft service counter actually, scoffing doughnuts, slurping coffee and talking loudly about myself.
– Writer/producer Tom Scott in a letter to the editor, helping clarify where the credit for Rage lies, 10 September 2011 Dominion Post

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Tom Scott Productions


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'Anything Could Happen' written and performed by The Clean

'There is No Depression in New Zealand' (Don McGlashan and Richard Von Sturmer) performed by Blam Blam Blam

'One Step Ahead' (Neil Finn) performed by Split Enz

'Biko' written and performed by Peter Gabriel