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Nic Sampson

Actor, Writer, Comedian

Wellingtonian Nic Sampson was barely out of high school when he landed a plum acting role on TV show Power Rangers Mystic Force. Then he found himself working in a bakery for two years, after failing to find more acting jobs. The silver lining came when Sampson turned to writing and performing comedy plays, which eventually led to a head writer role at Jono and Ben. Sampson has since got back in front of the camera for The Brokenwood Mysteries (playing Constable Sam Breen), Funny Girls and Step Dave. He was named Best Newcomer after for his stand-up show at the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival.

I think of myself as a comedian. Mostly. But then I really enjoy acting. The great thing about acting but calling yourself a comedian is that you don't have any pressure on yourself to be a good actor. If anyone says, 'well, you're not a very good actor,' you go, 'I'm just a comedian! What do you want from me?' Nic Sampson in The NZ Herald, 27 October 2016