After joining Shortland Street in 1996, Paul Ellis’ role quickly morphed into that of Fergus Kearney, runaway son of the clinic boss. Over seven years the character dabbled in cults and kidnapping, before ditching Waverley Wilson at the altar, tailed by police. Ellis went on to play a nasty agent on Brit soccer drama Dream Team. The one-time Treasure Island runner-up continues to act, while also working as a photographer.

He was a bad guy with a good heart, and that’s such a great character, because you’ve got all the good stuff to play - you really want him to succeed but he just continually fails. Paul Ellis, recalling his role in Shortland Street

Bloopers - Shortland Street

2018, As: Fergus Kearney - Television

When a show has been in production for over 25 years, the odd mistake is to be expected — as this assemblage of Shortland Street bloopers demonstrates. - Angela Dotchin invents a new word - Angela Bloomfield gets confused over who she's talking to - Peter Elliott almost gets hit by part of the set - Peter Elliott manages to stay in character after Tandi Wright hits a pot plant - John Leigh performs miracles on a sick dog - Peter Elliott has some bother with Elizabeth McRae's cheque - Michael Galvin hurts his leg - Roy Snow gets his cords confused - Theresa Healey has a bumpy kiss - Paul Ellis's face is grabbed by a baby  - Ido Drent announces he's pregnant - Craig Parker hits a pot plant - Mr Whippy distracts Nisha Madhan  - Angela Bloomfield fluffs her line - Angela Bloomfield battles dialogue and weapons - Lee Donoghue forgets a line - and more!

Descent from Disaster - Strongman Mine Disaster

2013, Art Director - Television

On 19 January 1967, an explosion rocked the Strongman coal mine on the West Coast, causing the deaths of 19 miners. This documentary, part of a series investigating NZ disasters, sees TV personality Leigh Hart examining what happened that day in Rūnanga, and how it affected the community. Interviewees include Hart’s own family: his Dad, who was in the mine at the time, his mother, and his Uncle Terry, who was part of the rescue team. This two-minute excerpt includes a reenactment of the disaster, and Leigh examining the outside of the old mine.

Auckland Daze

2011 - 2014, As: Paul Ellis - Web


2011, As: Corporal - Television

The Delphi Effect (aka Kiss Me Deadly)

2008, As: Agent Henry - Television

Legend of the Seeker

2009, As: Brother Bertrand - Television

New Zealand's Got Talent

2008, Judge - Television

Based on the hugely successful Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell, this nationwide TV talent quest first screened on Prime for one season in 2008. It was revived by TV One in 2012 and 2013. The Prime hosts were Andrew Mulligan and radio DJ Jason Reeves, with judges Miriama Smith, Paul Ellis and Richard Driver. From 2012 the host was Tamaiti Coffey, with model/actor Rachel Hunter, Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison and UB40's Ali Campbell as judges. American choreographer Cris Judd replaced Campbell for the 2013 series. 

Bert and Woggie

2003, Actor - Short Film

The Chosen

1998, As: Scotty - Film

Dream Team

2002, As: Taylor Doyle - Television

Treasure Island/Celebrity Treasure Island

2003, Contestant - Television

Treasure Island was an early local example of a reality show staple — contestants endured the great outdoors, and each other. Over nine seasons the series went through multiple variations, including a Couples at War season, and another featuring favourites from the past. During the 2004 season of Celebrity Treasure Island, contestant Lana Coc-Kroft was airlifted from Fiji, after she cut her foot on coral and got a life-threatening blood-poisoning disease. On 2002's Treasure Island: Extreme, Barrie Rice — an ex SAS soldier — dealt with being eliminated by hiding in the jungle.

Shortland Street

1996 - 2002, As: Fergus Kearney - Television

Shortland Street is a fast-paced serial drama set in an inner city Auckland hospital. The long-running South Pacific Pictures production is based around the births, deaths and marriages of the hospital's staff and patients. It screens on TVNZ’s TV2 network five days a week. In 2017 the show was set to celebrate its 25th anniversary, making it New Zealand’s longest running drama by far. Characters and lines from the show have entered the culture — starting with “you’re not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata!” in the very first episode. Mihi Murray writes about Shortland Street here.