Ray Henwood


Welsh-born Ray Henwood moved to Wellington in his 20s, having studied chemistry and done some professional acting. His long Kiwi theatre career began in-between jobs as a teacher and forensic toxicologist. There were also a host of screen roles — most famously a run of Moro bar adverts, and Hugh, one of the office workers on long-running comedy series Gliding On. In 2006 Henwood was awarded the Order of Merit for services to film and theatre. He toured one man shows playing Richard Burton and Dylan Thomas, and helped found Wellington's Circa Theatre. Henwood passed away on 26 August 2019.

Each episode was done twice on a Monday night, with two different audiences ... in that five years, we only ever stopped twice. Ray Henwood on filming TV series Gliding On in front of a live studio audience, in his 2012 ScreenTalk interview for NZ On Screen


Ray Henwood: The voice...

Interview, 2012

Separation City

2009, As: Registrar - Film

Second-Hand Wedding

2008, As: Desmond Daney - Film

Who Laughs Last

2006, Writer, Subject - Television

William Shatner's A Twist in the Tale

1998, As: Sir Jasper Milton - Television

Heavenly Creatures

1994, As: Professor - Film

Shortland Street - Highlights from the first 15 years

2006, As: Dr Lawrence Godfrey - Television

Sunday - Sagrada Familia

1992, Narrator - Television

The Great White Man-Eating Shark

1991, Narrator - Short Film

The End of the Golden Weather

1991, As: Reverent Thirie - Film

Kaleidoscope - Frances Hodgkins

1989, Narrator - Television

Beyond the Roaring Forties

1986, Narrator - Short Film

Should I Be Good?

1985, As: Peter Chartwell - Film

Gliding On - Mastermind (Series Four, Episode Five)

1984, As: Hugh - Television

Loose Enz - Press for Service

1982, As: Johnson - Television

Gliding On

1981 - 1985, As: Hugh - Television

Gliding On - No Smoke Without Fire (First Episode)

1981, As: Hugh - Television

Moynihan - You Can't Win 'Em All (Episode Two)

1976, As: Swanson - Television


1976 - 1989, Narrator - Television

Wahine Day

1973, Narrator - Short Film

Four Shapes for Four Spaces

1972, Narrator - Short Film

Environment 1990

1972, Narrator - Short Film

Such a Stupid Way to Die

1971, Presenter - Short Film

The Killing of Kane

1971, As: Major Hunter - Television

The Moro Man – Cadbury Moro Bar

1969, Actor - Commercial

NZBC Actors' Workshops

1967, Tired Man actor (in bed) - Television