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The cast of Roger Hall comedy series Gliding On. Standing from the left: Michael Haigh (as Jim), Susan Wilson (Beryl), Ray Henwood (Hugh), Ross Jolly (John), Katy Beasley (then Katy Platt, as Raewyn) and Barry Hill (Wally). Ken Blackburn (the boss) sits at the desk.

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A shot taken during the filming of  early TV production The Tired Man (1967) about a man who refuses to get out of bed. It was part of a series of five teleplays. From left to right: Grant Tilly as Trevor, Jennifer Dakers as The Model, Ray Henwood as George, and producer Douglas Drury. The script was by Peter Bland.

NZBC photograph, courtesy of the late Grant Tilly.

Actor Ray Henwood as Hugh on hit 1980s series Gliding On.

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29 October 1985: An actors rehearsal for TV series Gliding On at Broadcasting House in Wellington. From left to right Ray Henwood, Ross Jolly, Bruce Phillips and Susan Wilson.

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Cast and creator share a farewell toast to comedy series Gliding On in 1985. From left, Michael Haigh (who played Jim), Jane Waddell (Irene), Gliding On creator Roger Hall, Ray Henwood (Hugh), Katy Beasley (then Katy Platt, as Raewyn) and Susan Wilson (Beryl).