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Hero image for The Moro Man – Cadbury Moro Bar

The Moro Man – Cadbury Moro Bar

Commercial (Full Length) – 1969

In this late 60s commercial, actor Ray Henwood appeals to viewers help him eat every Moro Bar in New Zealand. Inspired by a British ad, it was an early entry in a series promoting the Cadbury chocolate bar. The series made Henwood well-known in the 70s as one of the first local figures to hawk a product on screen, directly to viewers (eg Michael Hill, Mike Pero, Suzanne Paul). Henwood focused on acting after his then-boss deigned that being a government scientist as well as 'The Moro Man' was "not a good look". He would win renewed fame on 80s sitcom Gliding On.

...he appeared on television in his role as a DSIR scientist showing traffic officers how to use the breathalyser. But when the programme [Town and Around] went to a commercial break the first face that popped up was Henwood's, this time advertising a Moro chocolate bar. His boss at the DSIR told him it really wasn't a good look. So a year later he quit his job and went freelance as an actor.
– Dominion Post profile of Ray Henwood, by Bess Manson, August 2016

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Reynolds Television