Toi Whakaari graduate Tania Nolan first made her mark on screen in 2007, thanks to a trio of sizable acting roles. Featured in nearly every scene of period thriller When Night Falls, she also joined movie Kissy Kissy, and was nominated for a Qantas TV Award for her role as a lawyer in The Hothouse. Often cast as the icy blonde, Nolan has acted in TV's Go Girls and This is My Life, and many short films. In 2017 she played another lawyer on Australia's Home and Away, and starred in one of her most personally rewarding projects to date: as a photographer whose husband disappears in US feature And Then There was Eve

For me the joy comes from taking a script and expanding on that. Creating their history, discovering what makes them tick. Then playing with it, feeding off the other actors within this make-believe land. Transforming myself completely is very satisfying. Tania Nolan on This is Not My Life, TVNZ website, 2010

Into the Rainbow

2017, As: Lindsay - Film

And Then There was Eve

2017, As: Alyssa Durante - Film

Break the Will

2016, As: Mathilda - Short Film

The 6th Friend

2016, As: Sahara - Film

Step Dave

2014 - 2015, As: Julia - Television

Twenty-four year-old barman Dave finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams — Cara, 14 years his senior, and the owner of three kids. Over two seasons, the light-hearted drama explored whether their live-in relationship could survive the weight of low expectations, and her unruly family. Created by Kate McDermott (This is Her), Step Dave starred Swedish emigre Sia Trokenheim (2014 film Everything we Loved) and Brit born Jono Kenyon. Interest in the format encompassed the Ukraine — which remade the show in 2016 — France, Hungary and Greece.

Dishonestly Yours

2014, As: Sofia - Short Film

Step Dave - First Episode

2014, As: Julia - Television

In the first episode of comedy drama Step Dave, solo Mum Cara (Sia Trokenheim) finds herself rescued by womanising barman Dave (Jono Kenyon), after a disastrous blind date ends in a sprained ankle. Dave is convinced he's met 'the one'. Cara's daughters and mother in-law (Lisa Harrow) are horrified. And Cara fears there isn't enough time in her busy life for a man who calls her favourite song "ancient". Meanwhile Dave's flatmate is falling for the workmate who has stolen his desk. Created by Kate McDermott, Step Dave screened for two seasons — and was later remade in Russia.

Fight Night Legacy

2012, As: Nat

For Who I Am

2012, As: Nola - Short Film

The Gift

2011, As: Emma - Short Film

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

2010, As: Caecilia - Television

This is Not My Life

2010, As: Doctor Natasha Collins - Television

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

2009, As: Luca - Film

Go Girls

2009 - 2011, As: Angela Caulfield - Television

Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan created Go Girls out of a desire for an upbeat show about "people who liked each other". Audiences liked the characters too: the show ran five seasons, after introducing us to a group of 20-something friends, each aiming to make a major life-change in the next year. Over five series various romantic adventures ensued, and the core cast of Anna Hutchison, Alix Bushnell, Bronwyn Turei, Jay Ryan and Matt Whelan were joined by others — before finally departing altogether, with one final season revolving around a new cast of wanna bes.

Go Girls - First Episode

2009, As: Angelina - Television

Go Girls starts from a twist, a beach and a promise. The twist is that this femme-dominated tale is narrated by a male (Jay Ryan). The promise involves four friends having a drink on the beach, and agreeing to make a major life-change within a year. Amy (Anna Hutchison) wants to be rich; whacky bartender Britta (Alix Bushnell) seeks fame; straight-talking Cody (Bronwyn Turei) wants a hubbie. The intentionally "optimistic, kind" hit show stretched to five seasons. In the backgrounder, co-creator Rachel Lang writes about the show's origins and difficult, rain-sodden birth.

The Cult

2009, As: Karyn - Television

The Cult follows two groups: the members of a commune, who have renounced all contact with the outside world, and a loose-knit team of 'liberators', keen to reestablish contact with commune members they care about. The first prime time drama from Great Southern Film and Television won six of its 11 nominations at the 2010 Qantas Film and Television Awards — including for the acting of Lisa Chappell and Danielle Cormack (as a devious doctor). It was nominated for Best Drama. The moody 13-part thriller was created by Kathryn Burnett and Peter Cox. 

Night of Sunshine

2008, As: Rachel - Short Film

Legend of the Seeker

2008 - 2009, As: Denee Amnell - Television

When Night Falls

2007, As: Nurse Louise Williams - Film

When Night Falls is a mystery thriller involving an isolated house, a dark night and an unseen killer. Tania Nolan (Go Girls, The Hothouse) takes centre stage as a 30s-era nurse with a soft spot for her only patient (Kevin Keys, from The Blue Rose). But as darkness falls she finds herself facing off against a killer on the loose, who is seemingly out to play games with her mind. The full length film marks the feature debut of writer/director Alex Galvin (Eternity). Galvin took on multiple roles behind the scenes, some under assumed names; he also cameos early on, as a doctor.

Kissy Kissy

2007, As: Allison - Film

Thick Black Lines

2007, As: Kirsty - Short Film

The Hothouse

2007, As: Isobel Jones - Television

The Hothouse centres on five flatmates. Three are in the police force, the fourth is a lawyer, and the fifth is the wildcard: "ultimate hedonist" Levi (Kip Chapman). Series creator David Brechin-Smith explores what happens when outwardly good people "either break the law, or their morality is compromised in some way". The Hothouse was nominated for a run of 2007 Qantas TV Awards for acting; director Nathan Price and cinematographer Simon Baumfield won gongs. The cast includes Ryan O'Kane, Tania Nolan and Hannah Gould. The series ran for one season on TV One in 2007.

The Hothouse - First Episode

2007, As: Isobel - Television

Created by David Brechin-Smith (The Insiders Guide to Happiness), TV drama The Hothouse explores good times, bad decisions, and the line between right and wrong. This first episode introduces the show's flatmates — three cops, a lawyer, and the new arrival: Levi (Qantas Award nominee Kip Chapman), a cocky drug dealer for whom rules are to be broken. Levi leads Daniel (Ryan O'Kane) to a strip club, and Daniel wonders if he can live with a girlfriend whose work involves helping the criminals he has to deal with in his job. Nathan Price won a Qantas TV award for his direction on the series.  

Bad Dates

2005, As: Charlotte - Short Film

Bad Dates peeks into a fictional evening of speed dating; those evenings where singles meet prospective partners on fast rotation. This quick-paced short film turns the idea into tragicomedy, where, in the vital opening bouts of small talk, a series of prospective relationships go down in flames before they've even begun. Writer/director Grant Lahood democratically gives equal screen time amongst the ensemble cast (made up of graduating students from drama school Toi Whakaari) and to a range of idiosyncrasies, from the infantile to the sex-obsessed.

One Last Goodbye

2005, As: Sarah - Short Film

Noise Control (live action short)

2004, As: Natalia - Short Film

Home and Away

2017, As: Scarlett Snow