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When Night Falls

Film (Full Length) – 2007


When Night Falls is a mystery thriller involving an isolated house, a dark night and an unseen killer. Tania Nolan (Go Girls, The Hothouse) takes centre stage as a 30s-era nurse with a soft spot for her only patient (Kevin Keys, from The Blue Rose). But as darkness falls she finds herself facing off against a killer on the loose, who is seemingly out to play games with her mind. The full length film marks the feature debut of writer/director Alex Galvin (Eternity). Galvin took on multiple roles behind the scenes, some under assumed names; he also cameos early on, as a doctor.

This may be writer/director/producer/editor Alex Galvin's debut feature, but the New Zealander has skill. Given his minimal budget, the film boasts an unpredictable story, strong performances, and surprisingly good audio and visual effects.
– Daryl Loomis, reviewing When Night Falls on US website DVD Verdict

Produced by

Galvanized Films


Galvanized Films


Music composed and produced by Tony Burt

'Pronto io Son' composed by Gaetano Donizetti, sung by Brendan Casey and Carleen Ebbs