Urzila Carlson's first foray into comedy occurred thanks to a dare from a colleague, who challenged her to enter a stand-up contest in 2008. Two years later, the South African-born and raised Carlson left a career in advertising to become a full time comedian. Carlson is a regular on TV panel series 7 Days, acted in comedy drama Super City and presented TV3 series Road Madness. In 2019, she was one of 47 comedians invited to perform on Netflix's Comedians of the World stand-up series. Carlson also works in Australia; she has appeared in several comedy festivals and on panel show Have You Been Paying Attention?

…I even got a scholarship to go study drama but I never took it, because I’m like ... 'that’s not a job, that’s not a thing'. It’s almost like I did my best to get away from it, but it wouldn’t leave me, you know? It’s like weight loss. I wanna lose it, it doesn’t wanna lose me [laughter]. Urzila Carlson, in her extended interview for 2019 TV series Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy

Have You Been Paying Attention?

2019 - ongoing, Subject - Television

Comedians of the World

2019, Subject - Television

Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy

2019, Subject - Television

Funny As traces the history of New Zealand comedy through archive footage, and extensive interviews with local comedy talent. Debuting on TVNZ 1 in July 2019, the five-part series explores how Kiwis "have used comedy to navigate decades of profound cultural change". Funny As touches on everything from live and musical comedy, to pioneers of Kiwi screen humour (e.g. Fred Dagg, Lynn of Tawa) and the hit exports of later years (Flight of the Conchords, Rose Matafeo). The series was made by production/creative agency Augusto, and produced by comedy veteran Paul Horan. 

Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy (series promo)

2019, Subject - Television

As this promotional clip makes clear, Funny As features an impressive roll call of Kiwi comedy legends. The five-part series traces the history of New Zealand comedy through interviews and archive footage. In coming weeks NZ On Screen will be publishing extended interviews with the comedy talent captured on camera for the series. Funny As ranges all the way from the early days of live comedy to screen pioneers (Fred Dagg, the Week of It team), the legendary Billy T, and the Kiwi comedians who've made their mark internationally (Flight of the Conchords, Rhys Darby). 

NZ On Air 30th Birthday - 7 Days

2019, Subject - Web

Since 2009, the contribution of 7 Days to the Kiwi comedy scene has been enormous. In this video celebrating NZ On Air's 30th birthday, former executive producer Jon Bridges traces the show's history back to a group of comedians deciding to film a pilot in TV3's basement. Since then the irreverent, topical panel show has become a Friday night staple. To the comedians and writers, it's a vital place to hone skills and build a career. Host Jeremy Corbett argues that the key to 7 Days' success is relatability: Kiwi audiences feel like they can 'join in' the conversation— and the insults.

Hughesy, We Have a Problem

2018, Subject - Television

Orange is the New Brown

2018, As: Various roles - Television

Get Krack!n

2017, As: Cath - Television

The Project

2017 - ongoing, Presenter, Reporter - Television

7 Days of Sport

2015, Subject - Television

7 Days - 200th Episode

2015, Subject - Television

It's Friday 4th December, 2015 and panel series 7 Days is celebrating its 200th episode with a live audience at the Auckland Town Hall. Everyone is up for a party, and nothing says 'party' more than guest Tim Shadbolt jumping out of a giant cardboard cake. The recipe is the same, but longer: two teams of comedians lead by regulars Paul Ego and Dai Henwood compete for wildly erratic points, but for this episode 7 Days becomes 7 Years, as the panel riff off news stories dating from 2009 when their first episode aired, through to 2015. Jon Toogood and choir Viva Voce guest star.

Have You Been Paying Attention? (Australian game show)

2016 - , Subject - Television

Comedy Up Late

2013, 2016, Presenter, Subject - Television

Road Madness

2012, Presenter - Television

Auckland Daze

2011 - 2014, As: Urzila - Web

Stand Up for Christchurch

2011, Subject

Super City

2013, Actor - Television

Creating and playing all of the main characters in Super City made for a "physically exhausting" experience for Madeleine Sami. But the hard yakka paid off, with the first season winning Sami a best actress gong and rave reviews. The show weaved the storylines of very different Aucklanders (five in season one, and four new characters in season two): including a ditzy Indian cheerleader, an Iranian male taxi driver obsessed with Māori culture, and a homeless woman. Taika Waititi (Boy) directed the first series; Oscar Kightley (Sione's Wedding) took over for season two.

A Night at the Classic

2010 - 2012, Subject - Television

Auckland's home of stand-up comedy, The Classic theatre in Queen Street, is the subject of this "behind the scenes" mockumentary TV series. Anchored by MC Brendhan Lovegrove, episodes follow a night's performances; onstage routines are intercut with action from the green room and front of house. The line between reality and self-deprecatory fiction is blurry, with the participants happy to send themselves up. Show biz glamour is in short supply and, at times, it's preferable to look just about anywhere except the screen. A second series screened in 2012.

7 Days

2009 - ongoing, Subject, Writer - Television

Since debuting in 2009, award-winning panel series 7 Days has introduced a range of Kiwi comedy talents to television audiences. Three's show takes an irreverent look at the past week in the news, with regular segments like “my kid could draw that” and “what’s the taxi driver talking about”. Jeremy Corbett hosts; the two teams of regular and guest comedians have included Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Ben Hurley and Urzila Carlson. The show echoes the format of Britain's long-running Mock the Week. Corbett has described 7 Days as the comedy show he's always wanted to make.

Spicks and Specks

2014, Subject - Television