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Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan: Making music, television, and music television...

Interview - James Coleman. Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann

Rock'n'roll couple Karyn Hay and Andrew Fagan have both had long and varied careers in New Zealand music and media. They have been night-time hosts on Radio Live, but Fagan spent many years as the lead singer of pop band The Mockers, and Hay was the long-time host of iconic music show Radio with Pictures. Hay and Fagan are also both published authors.

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Brent Hansen: MTV, RWP, and the future of music...

Interview – Ian Pryor. Camera and Editing – Alex Backhouse

His favourite music videos include Joy Division’s Atmosphere and Tall Dwarfs’ Turning Brown and Torn in Two. And Brent Hansen has seen a lot of music videos. From producing famously eclectic Kiwi music show Radio with Pictures to rising through the ranks to become head of MTV Europe, Hansen has been a major player in putting music on screen.

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Brendan Smyth: NZOA and Kiwi music...

Interview and direction - Ian Pryor. Camera and editing - Alex Backhouse.

Brendan Smyth was charged with getting more New Zealand music on the airwaves for more than two decades. As long-time NZ Music Manager at NZ On Air, he led a team that funds and promotes Kiwi music and music videos.

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Peter Blake: On making music and getting Ready to Roll …

Interview and Editing - Ian Pryor. Camera – Marty Lang

Music is Peter Blake's passion. Blake's career has encompassed jazz, Hendrix covers, keyboards for Hello Sailor – and quite a lot of television. After time at radio station 2ZA he began working on TV music show Grunt Machine, then got the job of musical director, and later producer of the high-rating, hit-making Ready to Roll. Soon he was commanding a stable of music shows that included RTR, Radio with Pictures, Heartbeat City, and stereo simulcasts of rock concerts. 

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Stuart Page: On making music videos...

Interview - James Coleman. Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann

Director, photographer and Axemen drummer Stuart Page is a prolific filmmaker, who has made over 40 music videos. Page has directed clips for Superette, The Clean, and The Skeptics’ infamous AFFCO. In 2009 he won Best Feature Documentary and Best Emerging filmmaker at the DocNZ International Film Festival for his film Shustak, a portrait of American photographer Laurence Shustak. Page also compiled alternative music compilation Noisyland.

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Greg Page: Making music videos, claymation and more...

Interview, Camera and Editing – James Coleman

Musician, artist, writer and director Greg Page began his film career in Hamilton in the early 90s, making music videos for local bands. Since then the international award-winning filmmaker has written and directed several short films, including claymations Decaff and The New Zealand Centenary of Cinema, as well as Sarah's Washing, and his feature film The Locals. Page’s boundless energy has also given rise to some of NZ’s most memorable music videos for top recording artists like Scribe, The D4 and Elemeno P.

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Kevan Moore: The man behind the music shows…

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside

Kevan Moore was a driving force behind many of our early TV music shows such as C’Mon, Happen Inn and Freeride. He also produced popular shows Night Sky, Frost Over New Zealand, and magazine show Town and Around. Having helped launch South Pacific Television and become its Head of Production, Moore left broadcasting to set up his own production company.

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Justin Pemberton : Telling stories about the outsiders…

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside

Director Justin Pemberton has made his mark in the worlds of music video and documentary. His documentary credits include award-winners Love, Speed and Loss and The Nuclear Comeback, and Richie McCaw hit Chasing Great. Among the artists he has directed in music videos are Anika Moa  and Bic Runga.

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Bryan Shaw: Editing images of cars, gladiators and upturned catamarans...

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside

Bryan Shaw is a multi award-winning editor who has worked on a wide range of documentaries and dramas. Among the documentaries are Sense of Place: Robin Morrison, PhotographerBack from the Dead – The Saga of the Rose Noelle; and series An Immigrant Nation. Shaw moved into editing dramas with Street Legal, then went on to edit a number of other drama series including Outrageous Fortune, Westside, The Almighty Johnsons, and Spartacus.

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Chris Knox: In conversation with Roger Shepherd, part two

Interview - Roger Shepherd. Direction - Clare O’Leary. Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann

Chris Knox's music career began with legendary punk band The Enemy, followed by Toy Love, then the Tall Dwarfs and his own solo work. He has appeared as a film reviewer on arts shows The Edge and Backch@t, and hosted series The New Artland. As a musician and music video director, Knox is known as a pioneer of lo-tech, DIY classics. For this special two part ScreenTalk interview, Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd chatted with Knox about his life and career. In part one, Knox talked about his love of filmmaking, and early Enemy and Toy Love music videos.  In the second part of the ScreenTalk interview, Knox talks about: Knox moving from appearing in music videos to directing his own with the Tall Dwarfs' Nothing's Gonna Happen Making the video for the Tall Dwarfs' Turning Brown and Torn in Two Making the video for his solo classic Not Given Lightly Becoming a film reviewer on TV arts shows The Edge and Backch@t Moving into television presenting, with an episode of Intrepid Journeys, and the series The New Artland Knox's long-running cartoon strip Max Media