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Hero image for About Face - A Fitting Tribute

About Face - A Fitting Tribute

Television (Full Length) – 1985

When people tell the amazing story of Kiwi legend Julian Harp, Nicky doesn't get a mention. Now, in one of the New Zealand screen's classic monologues, Nicky (Lucy Sheehan, from Talkback) takes the opportunity to let us in on what really happened: her relationship with Julian, his plan to destabilize the Government via a letterwriting campaign, and the couple's preparations for the day he achieved engineless flight and rose into the sky from the Auckland Domain. This episode of anthology series About Face is based on the classic story by CK Stead, author of Smith's Dream

There are two great moments in the history of flight. The first was the propelled flight of the Wright Brothers. The second was the flight of New Zealand's Julian Harp, who strapped on a set of wings and flew away. For the first time since Julian's ascent into history, the woman who lived with him reveals the story behind the myth.
– Publicity material for A Fitting Tribute


Made with funding from the NZ Film Commission, in association with South Pacific Merchant Finance Limited