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Hero image for Alien Weaponry - Thrash Metal and Te Reo Māori

Alien Weaponry - Thrash Metal and Te Reo Māori

Web (Full Length) – 2018

The first time I came over here ... Niel [de Jong] was passing around the bass between other kids. Every body was kinda trying it out but I was the only kid that could reach the end of the bass comfortably.
– Bass player Ethan Trembath, on the qualifications that got him into the band
Here's these boys up there doing te reo Māori heavy, heavy music, and I can't wait to see them go off on their journey around the world and f**k shit up.
– Musician Tiki Taane, on Alien Weaponry
We were one of the last indigenous people in the world to be colonised. The ultimate goal of a coloniser is to delete the culture, amalgamate into a single society that doesn't reflect the indigenous ... In my mind there ain't no chance it's gonna die ... It's too strong a culture to be deleted.
– Artist and Alien Weaponry fan Rewi McLay, on Māori culture enduring European colonisation