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Hero image for All Things Being Equal - 22 September 1978 Episode

All Things Being Equal - 22 September 1978 Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1978

Written by future Gloss creator Rosemary McLeod, this Television One sitcom satirised late 70s gender politics. It was filmed before a studio audience at Avalon Studios. In this episode, Ginette McDonald’s lippy feminist withholds the joy of sex from her hippy hubbie, and Bruno Lawrence (sporting a magnificent anti-comb over) is the unreformed motorhead neighbour whose hangover cure is beer and cornflakes. Lawrence’s larrikin performance in the show was spotted by director Roger Donaldson, who cast Bruno in his breakout lead role in a movie: Al Shaw in Smash Palace

'Bloody Bruno, I'd forgotten about him. He might be what I want for Smash Palace.'
– Bruno Lawrence recalls to The Listener in 1987 how director Roger Donaldson's viewing of the sitcom led to his Smash Palace casting