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Hero image for Lynn of Tawa Show - First Episode

Lynn of Tawa Show - First Episode

Television – 1982

In the late 1970s Ginette McDonald introduced New Zealanders to 'Lynn', a vowel-mangling optimist from the Wellington suburb of Tawa, and in 1982 she got her own series. This opening episode is a mix of monologues (written by brother Michael McDonald), skits, dance and music acts. From the Tiki room of the Tawa Library, Lynn shares stories about life with boyfriend Gary and raves about 'Whispering Lust', the racy novel gripping her book club. She grills visiting British celebrity Michael Parkinson about interviewing Tawa mayor Mervyn Kemp and plies him with kitsch souvenirs.

In this vanilla envelope I have half a dozen of Mum's stuffed wontons. They're absolutely lovely, eh. They're completely impregnated with you know, prunes and cabbage leaves. Mum reckons just, you know, pass them around and help keep the show running smoothly.
– Lynn offers her audience a present from her talented Mum