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Hero image for All Things Being Equal - 22 September 1978 Episode

All Things Being Equal - 22 September 1978 Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1978

'Bloody Bruno, I'd forgotten about him. He might be what I want for Smash Palace.'
– Bruno Lawrence recalls to The Listener in 1987 how director Roger Donaldson's viewing of the sitcom led to his Smash Palace casting
We recorded the show as well as playing it live, and I recall playing it back later just to see what happened. It was fascinating. Bruno first sat there, obviously with no idea that he was meant to say the next line, but his presence was captivating. Your eyes were riveted to the guy. Words were superfluous.
– Ross Jennings on Bruno’s charisma, even when he missed his cue
Turns the sheilas off as soon as you turn the bloody thing on …
– Warwick (Bruno) on Mike’s VW
My mouth feels like Pinetree’s jockstrap after a test match.
– Warwick (Bruno) articulates his hangover
I’ll swear at your plants!
– Kate (Ginette McDonald) hits hippy hubby Mike (Simon O’Connor) where it hurts