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Hero image for Antarctic Adventure

Antarctic Adventure

Short Film (Full Length) – 1957

Our big surprise is to find ice over the sound. We expected clear weather, but the big storm has apparently blown it out to sea. It's very beautiful but it could trap us.
– Narrator
With our five vehicles we operated a 24-hour programme of load-shifting and camp establishing. Our construction team was moved to Pram Point and in one 24-hour period we assembled the outer walls of our main mess hut, kitchen and radio room. We now had protection from whatever storm might arise.
– Sir Edmund Hillary, in his 1999 book View from the Summit, page 177
(Pram Point) had everything we wanted, suitable hut sites on volcanic rock; easy access to the Ross Ice Shelf, and a large area of snow-covered bay ice for our aircraft. It would make an admirable Scott Base.
– Sir Edmund Hillary in his 1999 book View from the Summit, page 177
We won't be alone in Antarctica for in July 1957 the International Geophysical Year begins, and 11 countries are establishing 60 bases there.
– Narrator