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Hero image for Back River Road

Back River Road

Film (Full Length) – 2001

I mainly used my garden to feed everyone. If you can’t pay people, it’s good to feed them well. Farmers would sometimes donate sides of lamb and, on those days, I’d set up a scene and then rush inside to put the roast on!
– Director Peter Tait
You’d be amazed at how many of these kids are going to piss and crap on you when they get all excited telling you about what they want for Christmas.
– Santa Tutor (Richard Weatherly)
A film about a single mum and her kids, it's got love and teenage angst with a performance by Ray Woolf as a bumbling undercover cop trying to score. Some excellently funny moments with a feel good factor. Very strong effort. I was captured early and that was maintained throughout.
– Nick Grant, Onfilm Update 211, 29 October 2001