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Hero image for Bill Sevesi's Dream

Bill Sevesi's Dream

Television (Full Length) – 2011

I figure if you stick with something long enough eventually it comes into fashion ... but I didn't expect to be proved right on the ukulele front.
– Graeme Cairns, McGillicuddy Serious Party founder and Big Muffin Serious Band player
I had a dream: that the children would be playing the ukulele all over the country.
– Bill Sevesi
A documentary on the ukulele's place in New Zealand was unavoidable given the little instrument's skyrocketing popularity. It shows that the ukulele, as much as it is a Hawaiian instrument, has a unique story in Aotearoa New Zealand. It's made and played in such different ways throughout the Pacific and in New Zealand we have our own distinct style.
– Presenter Gemma Gracewood in The Dominion Post, January 2011