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Hero image for Cartoonists Inc

Cartoonists Inc

Television (Full Length) – 2003

Cartoonist and scriptwriter Tom Scott presents this documentary investigating the past and future of cartooning in New Zealand. He interviews a range of talents like Burton Silver and the late Murray Ball, creators of much loved series Bogor and Footrot Flats — plus Trace Hodgson, whose scabrous cartoons for newspapers and magazine The Listener aimed straight for the jugular and landed him in court. Scott compares cartoonists of his vintage who regularly skewered political figures, and a 'new breed', including Simon Morse and Anthony Ellison, who choose imagination over political comment.

Twelve months down the track I received a cheque for three dollars saying they accepted my cartoon...at that point I nearly gave up, I found the three dollars more depressing than the rejection slips.
– Cartoonist Peter Bromhead on his first published cartoon, after many rejections