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The Making of Footrot Flats

Television (Full Length) – 1986

This documentary backgrounds the process of turning Murray Ball's comic strip into New Zealand's first animated feature. Who will voice the iconic Dog? Pat Cox, the original producer, stays off-screen; but there are interviews with perfectionist Footrot creator Murray Ball, fellow Manawatu scribe Tom Scott and John Clarke, who argues he narrowly beat Meryl Streep to provide the voice of Wal. Amongst the making of footage, the late Mike Hopkins (who won Oscar glory on Lord of the Rings) lends his feet to the sound effects. Tony Hiles writes about the making of the film here.

Key Cast & Crew

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Lesley Stevens

Producer, Director

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Murray Ball


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John Clarke


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Martin Didsbury


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Dave Dobbyn

Composer, Subject

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Robbert Smit


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Produced by

Magpie Productions