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Hero image for Coming Home - John Money & Wayne McIlwraith

Coming Home - John Money & Wayne McIlwraith

Television (Full Length) – 1999

Wayne specialises in the top racehorses and top show jumpers — equine athletes pushing the same limits as top sportspeople and getting the same sort of injuries.
– Narrator John Sumner
He's ranked number one, last year and in 1997. So he's probably worth trying to look after, grumpy old thing that he is.
– Mark Todd on his horse Broadcast News
I think that he's really a pioneer in the field of sexology — he's opened up a whole new area. And I'm inclined to see that as somewhat of a reaction against the more conservative part of his New Zealand upbringing. For somebody who has radically opened new ways of looking at sex, and very positive ways, he was from a very sex negative and conservative traditional background, and I think that's really kind of New Zealand too.
– Psychologist Gregory Lehne on his colleague John Money
...I've always had that kind of sense of adventure in living somewhere different, and learning new things and new customs, new ways that people think, new ways that people conduct their lives...
– John Money on living in a poor section of Baltimore